Abaty Tyndyrn Tintern Abbey
Tintern Abbey
Bath - Orange Grove Area
Bath Orange Grove
Bath - Roman Baths
Roman Baths
Bath Abbey (End Section)
Bath Abbey
Bath Abbey (Top Half)
Bath Abbey
Bicester - The Old Shophouse
The Old Shophouse
Big Ben
Big Ben
Big Ben & British Parliament
Big Ben & Parliament
Buckingham Palace - After the Crowds Have Mostly Left
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace - Marching Band & Honour Guard Leaving the Grounds
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace - Royal Horse & Carriage Procession
Buckingham Palace
Edinburgh, Scotland - Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh, Scotland - Looking Down The Canon Barrel From Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland - Marika & Jason at Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle
Greenwich - Royal Observatory - Prime Meridian of the World - Start Your Watches
Greenwich Observatory
Greenwich - Royal Observatory Roof
Greenwich Observatory
Greenwich - Sunset Skyline From The Royal Observatory
Greenwich Sunset
Greenwich Royal Observatory - Red Time Ball - Drops Every Day At 1pm
Greenwich Timeball
London - Downing Street
Downing Street
London - Elgin Marbles (British Museum)
Elgin Marbles
London - I See Stupid People - Beware Horses May Kick or Bite
Horses May Kick
London - Millennium Wheel (London Eye) & River Thames
Millennium Wheel
Newcastle upon Tyne Lighthouse Down The Coast
Newcastle upon Tyne
Nottingham - Robin Hood Next To Nottingham Castle
Robin Hood
Oxford - Oldest Building In Town
Oxford Town
Stonehenge - Standing On The Outside Looking In
Stratford-upon-Avon - Holy Trinity Church, Resting Place of William Shakespeare
Thurloxton - Saint Giles Church
Thurloxton Church
Tower Bridge & City Hall Under The Moonlight
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge London As The Sun Sets
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge London At Night (Blue Enhanced)
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge Looking From Tower of London Grounds
Tower Bridge
Tower of London - The White Tower (Keep)
The Keep
Tower of London from Across the River Thames
Tower of London
York - Historic Wall and Tower
York - Wall and Tower
York - The Minster - My The Force Be With You
York The Minster
York - The Minster In The Setting Sunlight
York The Minster